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Yusuf Sertkaya Had Different Experiences with “Hypnotic Music Therapy”

Tamay Academy, which allows participants to come together to balance energy, reduce stress and achieve mental serenity, offered its guests a unique experience with its Hyptonic Music Therapy. Famous businessman Yusuf Sertkaya, who attended this special event, performed chakra analysis with AVS Aura Chakra Station for the guests while having interesting and different experiences.

Tamay Academy, which aims to help people achieve inner peace and relaxation by balancing their energy centers, held a special event with intense participation. Hypnotic Music Therapy, which was carried out under the leadership of Tamay Academy, was carried out by İmren-Erdal Çapanoğlu under the leadership of Tamay Fidan. Providing a special experience to their guests with their successful practices, Tamay Fidan and İmren-Erdal Çapanoğlu couple also took great care of the guests. Guests performed energy center balancing practices in the garden throughout the day and sought inner peace. While the event organized by Tamay Academy received full marks from the guests, Hypnotic Music Therapy, which provided a unique combination, was greatly appreciated by the participants. Famous businessman Yusuf Sertkaya, a successful aura and chakra analysis expert, also attended the event and also provided his guests with a pleasant day with his analyses.

YUSUF SERTKAYA DID A CHAKRA AND AURA ANALYSIS FOR GUESTS WITH AVS AURA CHAKRA STATION Yusuf Sertkaya, known as a businessman and tourism professional, informed the participants about chakra, aura and life energy and shared his experiences with valuable names such as Tuğba Özay, Çiğdem Batur, Muammer Kapucuoğlu and İmren Çapanoğlu. . Yusuf Sertkaya stated that there was intense interest in chakra analysis, personal analysis and aura analysis with AVS Aura Chakra Station, and analyzed the energy balance between the participants’ bodies and minds by examining their aura and chakra energies. Stating that these analyzes were carried out to detect blockages in the energy centers of individuals and provide possible balancing, Yusuf Sertkaya stated that it was a unique feeling to provide an effective therapy experience to the guests.

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