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What is meridian therapy? To whom and how is it applied?

Meridian Therapy, an energy work inspired by Chinese medicine and supporting the healing of many ailments, is among the most curious methods of recent times. So what is Meridian Therapy? How and to whom is it applied? Are there any side effects? Here’s all you need to know about Meridian Therapy in 7 questions.

Meridyen Therapy Specialist and Trainer Tamay Çelik explained the intricacies of the method.

What is Meridian Therapy?

The method contains both ancient information and modern technology. The Chinese discovered the existence of complex energy channels circulating within our bodies 5000 years ago. Meridian Therapy, applied with silver gloves, is a new generation therapy method developed by traditional Chinese medicine, which includes many Far Eastern massages and is also practical with technology. Meridian is the name of the channels that carry energy to the whole body. With Meridian Therapy, the disrupted energy in the body is rebalanced, allowing the chi energy to reach the necessary places. Thus, the body’s self-healing power is activated.”

Source: https://www.saglik.news/meridyen-terapi-nedir-kimlere-ve-nasil-uygulanir/

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