What is Meridian Therapy?

The method contains both ancient information and modern technology. The Chinese discovered the existence of complex energy channels circulating within our bodies 5000 years ago. Meridian Therapy, applied with silver gloves, is a new generation therapy method developed by traditional Chinese medicine, which includes many Far Eastern massages and is also practical with technology. Meridian is the name of the channels that carry energy to the whole body. With Meridian Therapy, the disrupted energy in the body is rebalanced, allowing the chi energy to reach the necessary places. Thus, the body’s self-healing power is activated.”

Who can apply Meridian Therapy?

Meridian Therapy is a method that must be applied consciously by experts and therapists who have received training in the method.

How is Meridian Therapy applied?

When applying meridian therapy, a new generation unit device and special silver gloves are used. Certain areas of our body represent the concentration and distribution of energy. After applying a special care lotion to these areas, the expert therapist uses special silver gloves to perform a superficial massage. This painless therapy method also allows the body to relax and unwind with the feeling of massage.

What is the purpose of applying Meridian Therapy?

Meridian therapy is actually a preventive healing method. It aims to balance our body energies and avoid diseases and their negative effects before our diseases occur and become chronic. Therefore, it is a preventive healing method that we can benefit from in terms of both strengthening the immune system and strengthening our body.

For which complaints is Meridian Therapy recommended?

Meridian therapy creates an effect equivalent to ten classical massages in one session. It also burns fat equivalent to running 6 kilometers. It removes toxins from the person, improves blood circulation and metabolism, strengthens the immune system, and ensures cell activation. It has an edema-increasing effect. Meridian therapy also; Pain syndromes due to neck and lumbar disc herniation, posture disorders, muscle rheumatism, soft tissue rheumatism, arthritis, skin problems, sleep problems, fatigue syndromes, menopause-related complaints, restless legs syndrome, stroke, neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s, gastrointestinal problems, hemorrhoids. It is an energy exercise that supports the healing of many musculoskeletal system disorders, such as menstrual complaints, menopause-related complaints, circulation and immune problems, and prostate problems.

When body energies are balanced, just like the dehydrated soil reaches water, the energies reach the necessary places and our self-healing power is activated.

To whom is Meridian Therapy applied?

It can be applied to those who embrace a healthy life both physically and spiritually, who aim to strengthen their bodies without waiting to get sick, or who are looking for alternative, supportive methods for the disorders listed above.

To whom is Meridian Therapy not applicable?

Meridian Therapy; pregnant women, patients with advanced heart or blood pressure, those with pacemakers, stents and brain pacemakers, those with platinum in their body, joint prosthesis, tumor, active infection, fracture or bleeding disorder, blood clotting problems, the elderly, schizophrenia patients and those under 8 years of age. not applicable.