The soft light of the sun, the serene sounds of nature and a light wind surrounding your body … This is a landscape that you will experience from the moment you meet the magic touch of Qigong practice. Qigong, a break point among the rapid tempo of modern life, this physical and mental exercise system, which has a thousands of years of Chinese tradition, is explored by more and more people in the world today. So, what is Qigong? How to make? And how can this mysterious practice improve our modern life?

The origins of Qigong

Qigong is an old practice with roots extending to the deep history of China. The word “Qi” means life energy or internal power, while the word “gong” means work or application. Therefore, Qigong can be defined as conscious manipulation or guidance of life energy. This practice, developed by Taoist and Buddhist monks for thousands of years, aims to maintain the balance between the soul, body and mind by focusing on the energy meridians of the body.

How to make?

Qigong is based on slow, fluent movements, breathing control and mental focus. A Qigong application usually consists of movements that follow a particular array. Most of these movements mimic the flow of nature and are usually performed by steps or by moving certain parts of the body. For example, in the “combination of the heavens and the earth”, the person usually stands while combining his hands on his head and slowly opens his arms as he breathes.

Breathing control stands out as an important element of Qigong. Deep, conscious breathing regulates the energy flow of the body and calms the mind. This calm promotes the inner balance, one of Qigong’s main objectives.

Qigong in the modern world

The stress, anxiety and fast tempo of modern life can force people to maintain the balance of body-mind. Here, Qigong’s meeting with modern life comes into play. For many people, Qigong is also seen as a method of stress reduction, mental focus and internal tranquility.

Scientific research shows that regular Qigong application reduces stress levels, strengthens the immune system and increases overall health. Modern medicine is increasingly accepting the benefits of Qigong, and many health institutions and centers propose this old practice to their patients.

The future of Qigong

Qigong’s future looks quite bright. Today, this traditional practice is brought together with modern technology and reaches wider audiences through various applications and online platforms. Mobile applications, video lessons and online communities allow everyone to learn and practice Qigong, while scientific research also helps us to deeply understand the effects of this old practice on health and prosperity.

As a result, Qigong is not only an exercise, but also a lifestyle. As a way of keeping your body, mind and soul in balance, Qigong represents the combination of thousands of years of wisdom and modern science. This ancient practice can be a guide to cope with the complexity and speed of our age, and will exist as a promising legacy for future generations.

If you want to experience Qigong’s calming effect, strengthen your body and increase your mental focus, it’s time to take action! You can contact us for more information.