Meridian Therapy is a massage therapy that determines the energy channels in the person’s body by a Specialist Physiotherapist and applies them to these areas with the help of special devices.

Meridian Therapy, which started to be applied as a medical method in China thousands of years ago, has been blended with today’s technology and has become a structure that can be used in the treatment of many diseases experienced by people.

In traditional methods applied within the scope of Meridian Therapy, blocked energy channels in people’s bodies are tried to be opened with acupuncture and acupressure techniques.

In the light of the developments reflected in health practices in the age of technology we live in, Meridian Therapy treatment can be performed easily and with a high success rate using the Meridian Therapy Device.

What can be seen in people with Meridian Therapy;

Muscle-bone-skeletal system disorders,
Internal diseases,
Psychological problems

It can be cured with a safe and comfortable treatment method.

Since most of the diseases experienced by people are caused by blockage of energy channels, energy channels can be regulated with Meridian Therapy and a quick and painless solution can be found to the disorders.

What is Meridian?

Meridian is the name given to the channels that provide communication between the circulatory and nervous systems in the human body. In studies carried out by experts, it has been determined that thanks to the Meridians, a connection is established between a person’s senses and organs, emotions and thoughts.

With meridians, people’s physical and spiritual integrity is ensured. It has been observed that many diseases experienced by people can be cured with Meridian Therapy.

What is Meridian Therapy?

Meridian Therapy is an alternative treatment method applied in cases where the channels through which energy flows in the person’s body are blocked and the energy balance is disrupted.

A Physiotherapist who is competent in this field first determines in which parts of the body and how the energy flow is blocked. Then, with the techniques applied, the flow continues normally and the energy in the person’s body is balanced.

Many diseases that people may experience are treated with Meridian Therapy, which can be performed using different methods. After the patients’ energy channels are opened, a significant improvement in their diseases is observed.

Disorders for which Meridian Therapy is Applied

Meridian Therapy is a treatment method that aims to cure diseases by establishing correct communication between the circulatory system and nervous system in the human body.

Some of the diseases for which high rates of improvement are achieved using Meridian Therapy techniques are as follows:

Waist and Cervical Hernia
Stroke and Paralysis
Soft Tissue Rheumatism
Neurological Disorders
Stomach and Intestinal Problems
Skin Diseases
Posture Disorders
Sleep Problems
Menopause Complaints

All these diseases can be cured very quickly, easily and safely with Meridian Therapy applied by a Physiotherapist who is an expert in this field.

How is Meridian Therapy Applied?

The aim of Meridian Therapy is to identify the areas where energy is collected and dispersed in the patient’s body and to cure the ailments as a result of the procedures performed by the specialist.

Meridians are affected by pressure, massage and movements applied to the detected energy areas.

After determining the level of discomfort and problem experienced by the patient, the treatment plan and Meridian Therapy method are determined individually by our specialist.

Meridian Therapy is applied to the body parts determined by the treatment plan, using the method deemed appropriate by our Physiotherapist. A specially produced Meridian Therapy Device can be used for this treatment method.

During Meridian Therapy, our specialist wears a special glove and applies pressure to the right areas with his hands and fingertips, thus opening the patient’s energy channels.

Patients do not feel pain or ache while applying Meridian Therapy. In addition, since the process takes place in the form of massage, it is highly demanded by patients.

During this method, which allows patients to relax and unwind, the area can be stimulated using assistive devices if the specialist deems it necessary.

Meridian Therapy Device

Meridian Therapy Device consists of a state-of-the-art unit and specially produced silver gloves specially produced for this treatment.

This device allows a solution to be applied to the points on the patient’s body where energies are collected and dispersed and massaged using special gloves.

Thanks to the massage performed by the Specialist Physiotherapist using the Meridian Therapy Device, the patient’s body is relaxed while the discomforts experienced by the patient are treated.

Thanks to Meridian Therapy using a special device, the patient’s energy channels are opened and the blood circulation and nerve communication are improved.

To whom should Meridian Therapy not be applied?

If Meridian Therapy is applied by experts with the correct techniques,

It is a healthy and safe treatment method. It can be applied to all individuals who do not have any special illnesses and are over the age of 8.

Some people for whom Meridian Therapy is not recommended and the discomforts they experience are as follows:

Women who are pregnant,
People who have advanced blood pressure and heart problems,
Individuals with implants or prostheses in their bodies,
People with bleeding disorders
People with fractures in their bodies,
Benefits of Meridian Therapy

After Meridian Therapy, which is performed by a Specialist Physiotherapist in a sterile examination environment, many diseases experienced by the patient heal comfortably and quickly.

The positive changes that occur in the patient after Meridian Therapy and the Benefits of Meridian Therapy include:

Removing toxins from the body and purifying the patient’s blood,
Strengthening muscles and bones,
Regulating blood circulation and strengthening metabolism,
Correcting the patient’s posture disorders,
Ensuring regular functioning of the stomach and intestines,
Strengthening the person’s immunity,
Reducing body weight by bringing your weight closer to normal.

Since Meridian Therapy removes edema from the body and renews the tissues, it also provides positive cosmetic results in the area where it is applied.

Meridian Therapy Prices

You may hear different prices from the health institutions you contact to get information about Meridian Therapy Prices. In healthcare practices, it is not possible to determine a clear price without examining the patient.

Although Meridian Therapy Prices vary depending on many factors in the current period, we can list these factors as follows;

The patient’s age and genetic structure,
The extent of the discomfort experienced,
The body part where the disease is seen,
Meridian Therapy technique to be applied,
Number of sessions required for recovery,
The experience of the specialist who will perform the application and the treatment history of the clinic,