This procedure, also known as Meridian Therapy, has been applied with traditional methods in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years.

In the past, within the scope of Meridian Therapy, it was aimed to treat disorders by using acupuncture and acupressure methods in the areas on the energy channels of the human body.

With the integration of today’s technology into applications in the field of health, Meridian Therapy treatment is performed in the form of Bio Meridian Energy Massage with the help of a special device.

By using this treatment method, patients’ muscle and bone problems, internal diseases and psychological disorders are improved.

Many diseases experienced by people can be solved easily and painlessly by balancing the energy channels.

You can quickly get rid of your ailments with the help of the Meridian Therapy Device used specifically in our clinic.

What is Meridian Therapy?

Meridian Therapy is a massage applied for therapeutic purposes using a special device in cases where the energy flow in the human body is blocked and balance is lost.

By identifying where and how the energy flow is blocked by our specialist, and re-establishing and balancing the flow, almost all diseases can be basically treated.

The main purpose of Meridian Therapy, which is performed with many different techniques, is to open the patient’s energy channels and ensure a healthy flow.

What is Meridian?

Meridians are the connections that provide integrity between people’s circulatory system and nervous system. Research shows that Meridians provide communication between people’s organs and their senses, emotions and thoughts.

The Meridian System completes the integrity of a person’s body, mind and soul. The aim of Meridian Therapy is to solve the problem in this communication and for the individual to have a healthy body.

What Diseases Is Meridian Therapy Good For?

Meridian Therapy is a comfortable and safe treatment method used in the treatment of many diseases as it helps the body’s nervous system and circulatory system to function healthy.

Some of the diseases that have seen serious improvement with Meridian Therapy are as follows:

People who have had a stroke or paralysis,
Those with waist and neck hernia,
Muscle and soft tissue rheumatisms,
Posture disorders (posture disorder),
Sleep and fatigue problems,
skin diseases,
Menopausal complaints,
Neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s,
Stomach and intestinal problem,

As mentioned above, when applied with the correct methods by our Meridian Therapy Specialist, it offers the opportunity to heal almost all ailments that people may encounter in a very easy, fast and painless way.

Disorders such as paralysis and stroke, especially those in which people feel great despair, are successfully treated with the correct treatment plan and balancing of the body’s energy channels.

Many diseases, including paralysis and stroke, are treated in a painless and safe way with Bio Meridian Energy Massage, which is performed using a specially purchased Meridian Therapy Device in our clinic.

Regardless of the extent of the discomfort you are experiencing, you can contact our Clinic without wasting time, make an appointment, be examined by our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist and create your treatment plan.

Meridian Therapy Device

Meridian Therapy Device is a modern-day treatment tool consisting of a unit produced with the latest technology and special silver gloves.

Meridian Therapy Lotions are applied to the points in the human body where energies are collected and distributed and massaged with the help of gloves.

This treatment, referred to as Bio Meridian Energy Massage, provides healing for many ailments when performed with the correct technique by our Specialist.

Thanks to the Bio Meridian Energy Massage performed using the Meridian Therapy Device, relaxation and relief is experienced in the area where the patient is experiencing discomfort.

Unlike a normal massage, in this message performed by a special device and specialist, the patient’s blood circulation and nerve communication are made healthy by making correct interventions on energy channels and critical points.

How is Meridian Therapy Applied?

Meridian Therapy is basically the treatment of diseases through professional interventions in the areas where energy is collected and distributed in the human body.

As a result of the pressure and movements applied to these energy areas, meridians can be affected.

Meridian Therapy is the use of our specialist’s hands and fingertips to apply pressure to the areas determined by the methods he deems appropriate.

It is frequently preferred by patients because the patient does not feel any pain during this treatment and it is a process similar to a massage.

During Meridian Therapy, where people’s bodies are relaxed and relaxed, auxiliary tools can be used to stimulate the area if needed.

To whom should Meridian Therapy not be applied?

Meridian Therapy moth

It is a convenient and comfortable treatment method. It can be applied quickly and healthily to anyone over the age of 8 who does not have specific health problems.

Some special cases where Meridian Therapy is not considered appropriate include:

Expectant mothers who are pregnant,
People with advanced blood pressure and heart disease,
People with joint prostheses and implants in their bodies,
Individuals with active infection or tumor,
People with fractures or bleeding disorders.

In addition, it may not be deemed appropriate to apply treatment to people with psychological disorders and advanced old age, as a result of the examination performed by our Specialist.

Benefits of Meridian Therapy

Meridian Therapy, applied by experts in this field in a clinical environment, provides many benefits to the human body.

Benefits of Meridian Therapy include:

Cleansing the blood and removing toxins,
Regulation of blood circulation and metabolism,
Strengthening muscles and bones,
Improving body posture,
Strengthening the immune system,
Healthy functioning of the stomach and intestines,
Reducing body weight,

With Meridian Therapy, positive cosmetic effects can also be seen, thanks to the organisms renewing themselves and the removal of edema.

After Meridian Therapy

Order and stability during the Meridian Therapy process are very important for the success of the treatment and the health of the patient. For this reason, you should attend Meridian Therapy sessions at the periods specified by the specialist applying the treatment.

When Meridian Therapy application becomes a way of life, many ailments will be seen to heal quickly.

Meridian Therapy Prices

You may hear different fees from the clinics you contact to get information about Meridian Therapy Prices. It is very difficult to give an exact price, especially for treatments in the field of health, without examining the patient.

Although Meridian Therapy Prices will vary depending on many factors in 2022, we can state these factors as follows;

Genetic characteristics and age of the patient,
The area where the treatment will be applied and the extent of the disease,
Method to be used when performing Meridian Therapy
The number of sessions required for the patient,
The experience of the specialist who will perform the treatment and the treatment history of the clinic,