About us

Using the Body-Mind-Spirit trio in harmony and in the most efficient way is the key to a healthy and quality life. At Tamay Academy, you open your blocked energy channels with applications such as meridian therapy, thymus activation, subconscious studies, meridian sauna (tim) bioresonance, and move towards your best version, accompanied by our world-class instructors, speed reading, memory techniques, dance, qigong, tai chi, yoga, pilates. You can receive training in areas such as, and participate in various workshops. Tamay Academy is a place where you can add value to yourself and discover your true value; A space full of love, joy, knowledge and healing.


About me

I was once in the advertising industry. The events I went through, negative experiences, and environmental factors prepared me for my own inner journey. During this journey, I began to understand people, recognize their fatigue, and for the first time in my life, look back at myself as the source of the problem. After subconscious therapies, chakra, energy and NLP sessions, I became a brand new person. It was like I started everything from scratch. I felt so good that I wanted everyone to feel that way too. I started sharing what I learned with those around me. I attended speed reading and learning courses so that I could read more books. With books, detoxes, trainings, I gained many certificates and new experiences. Now, I have established an academy that aims to use the body-mind-spirit trio in harmony. Our goal in this academy is to improve the body with meridian therapy, pilates and yoga; We aim to heal the mind and soul with meditation, sound therapies, and subconscious studies.