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What is meridian therapy?

It is a new generation therapy method developed by traditional Chinese medicine, incorporating many Far Eastern massages and made practical with technology.
Meridian is the name of the channels that carry energy to the whole body. All diseases occur due to blockage of meridian channels. The purpose of meridian therapy is to open the blockage in the meridian channels and to restore the life energy the body needs and activate its self-healing power. Meridian therapy is a practical and painless version of this healing.

For whom should meridian therapy be applied?

You do not have to have a disease to experience meridian therapy or receive its sessions. You should meet meridian therapy to achieve body-mind-spirit balance, reach your best version, and be healthier and more vigorous. Since meridian therapy is based on diseases that may exist in the future, starting to receive meridian therapy sessions now will be the best gift to your future version.

In addition, meridian therapy is used to treat all kinds of pain, posture disorders such as kyphosis and scoliosis, rheumatism and arthritis problems, various skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, ureticaria, acne, sleep disorders, fatigue and depression.
It helps cure many diseases such as early menopause, menstrual irregularity, painful menstruation, restless legs, stroke, Parkinson's diseases, gastrointestinal problems, hemorrhoids, prostate problems and even paralysis.

What are the effects of meridian therapy?

1 session of meridian therapy has the same effect as 10 classical massages. It burns fat as if you had run 6 km, removes toxins, accelerates blood circulation and helps improve metabolism, strengthens the immune system, ensures cell activation, relieves edema, strengthens bones and muscles, improves sleep quality, opens vascular blockages, regulates the endocrine system, dermatologically. Provides repair and accelerates weight loss.

To whom is Meridian therapy not applicable?

Pregnant women, cancer patients, advanced heart or blood pressure patients (it can be applied when the blood pressure is lowered), people with pacemakers, brain pacemakers, platinum/nail, stents, metal heart valves, joint prostheses, people with active infections, the elderly, the elderly, people suffering from schizophrenia. It cannot be applied to patients and cancer patients.

What's available at your academy?

There are many services at our academy where you can balance body-mind-spirit and reach the best version of yourself. Some of these are Meridian therapy, meridian sauna, subconscious studies, biofrequency, memory techniques, speed reading, yoga, pilates, sound therapies, thymus activation, various trainings and many more at Tamay Academy. You can check our page for more detailed information.

Can I sell Thymus Smart?

You can become a dealer to bring this miraculous wearable technological healing to those around you and everyone who is interested. You can get special discount codes and sell them online. For more detailed information, you can contact Tamay Çelik, the distributor of Thymus Smart necklace in Türkiye.

Can I buy the meridian therapy device?

Of course, you can have this bioenergy therapy device belonging to the Fohow company. When you buy the device, our teacher Tamay Çelik also gives you information about meridian therapy with the trainings he received abroad and the improved version of the trainings. In addition, for our bedridden or paralyzed clients who cannot come to the academy, you can purchase this device and its training and easily practice at home. After visiting our academy and experiencing meridian therapy, you can meet Ms. Tamay face to face to purchase and get more detailed information.

How can I reach your academy by public transportation?

You can reach our academy, located in Beşiktaş Akat neighborhood, by taking the 58A - 59A bus from the Levent side of the "Zincirlikuyu Metrobus" stop and getting off at the "Karanfilköy" stop, a 7-minute walk away, or you can take the HM4 line bus and get off at the "Basın Sitesi" stop and reach our academy with a 1-minute walk.

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