Tamay in the press

AK Party Member of Parliament Serkan Bayram attended the opening

Tamay Academy, the first and only meridian therapy center in Turkey, was opened in Beşiktaş. Istanbul 1st Region AK Party Deputy Serkan Bayram and many celebrities attended the opening.

Tamay Academy, which was put into service in Beşiktaş, Istanbul and offered meridian therapy for the first time in Turkey, was opened with the participation of many famous names. Istanbul 1st Region AK Party Deputy Serkan Bayram, businessman Eyüp Akbal, singer Burcu Güneş, singer Yusuf Güney, singer and songwriter Ayla Çelik also attended the opening of the therapy center.

Speaking at the opening of Tamay Academy, Istanbul 1st Region AK Party Deputy Serkan Bayram said, “Today, we are at the opening of Tamay Hanım’s beautiful facility. We came and had the meridian therapy done with the dust of our feet. Our tiredness is gone, thank God, we are as good as punch right now. I recommend it, it is really important, it is important for human health. It becomes even more blessed with the healing hands of Ms. Tamay. The grain of wheat gains its abundance. I hope this place will benefit humanity. It would be beneficial. These are good services for humanity and I am in favor of more such facilities. “As a result, it helps people heal and receive therapy,” he said.

Tamay Çelik, owner of Tamay Academy, said: “Meridian therapy. It is five thousand years old knowledge. This ancient knowledge, which combines many ancient knowledge from ancient times, from Avicenna to Chinese medicine, has been combined with technology. So, by combining with silver gloves and frequency, it balances the energies in our body. Because Chinese medicine says human health is body, mind, soul. Therefore, it can only be healthy if its chakras or meridian channels are balanced. What we actually do is balance the frequencies in our body with this ancient knowledge combined with technology. So what happens. When the body balances its energies, the body begins to actively work on its own healing power. In other words, it helps the patients to heal whatever damage they have in the body, such as herniated disc, neck hernia, posture disorders, scoliosis, Parkinson’s, stroke, paralysis, and many more that I can list, but we do not cure them. Because we simply balance the person’s energy, the body begins to heal itself. Because we have the power to heal ourselves from creation, so we can undergo surgery, heal, and our cuts can heal. It has the power to renew itself in every organ of ours. For this reason, it is very important that the energy in these channels, which we call meridian channels, is balanced. We recommend that you take at least 12 sessions. For a healthy person to be more comfortable, fitter and have a stronger immune system in 12 sessions. “These sessions may change depending on the disease,” he said. Source: İHA AK Party Deputy Serkan Bayram attended the opening İhlas News Agency (iha.com.tr)